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April 14, 2023

  • Rare Disease Day Inspires, Offers Resources and Hope

    The Natcher Conference Center was abuzz with hundreds of in-person attendees at this year's Rare Disease Day, while many more tuned in via videocast for the hybrid event, co-sponsored by NCATS and the Clinical Center. It was a day of reflection, filled with stories of inspiration and hope.
  • Cunsolo Discusses Mental Health Impact of Climate Change

    Climate change has many far-reaching effects on physical health, but how does it affect mental health? Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo spoke on the topic in her lecture, “Ecological Grief and Anxiety: A Healthy Response to Climate Change.”
  • Bohnet Discusses Gender Bias in the Workplace

    ​Raising awareness is only the first step to addressing gender bias in the workplace, said Dr. Iris Bohnet during a recent Women’s Scientists Advisors 30th Anniversary Seminar Series lecture. “We have to apply real treatment to get real impacts,” said Bohnet, Albert Pratt professor of business and government and co-director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.
  • Jha, White House Covid Response Team Visit

    White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and several members of his team visited NIH on Mar. 23 for meetings and tours focused on NIH’s current Covid activities. The visit began at the Vaccine Research Center.
Light blue egg-shaped objects floating in a black background

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3D rendering of yeast cells. Newly discovered gene helps some yeast endure toxins and can help scientists understand toxin resistance.


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