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Spring is Here!

For a Few Days, NIH’s Cherry Blossoms Reach Full Bloom

Blooms bloom in front of NIH's building one

Cherry blossoms in front of Bldg. 1.

Photo: Eric Bock

A blooming cherry tree in front of Bldg. 50

blossoms near Bldg. 50

Photo: Eric Bock

A close up view of a cherry blossom flower

Ccherry blossoms ready for their close-up

Photo: Eric Bock

A man bikes on a path in between a cherry tree and the building.

Trees in bloom close to Bldg. 38A.

Photo: Eric Bock

Trees near the research center

Blossoms bloom near the Clinical Research Center.

Photo: Eric Bock

The cherry blossoms sprinkled around NIH’s Bethesda campus reached peak bloom at the end of March. 

Each spring, the blossoms typically reach peak bloom in late March or early April. Peak bloom varies depending on weather conditions. Once peak bloom occurs, the blossoms remain on the trees for about a week. Wind, rain or cooler temperatures can cause the petals to fall off faster. 

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