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ORS Introduces ‘Nourish,’ Six-Week Healthy Eating Program

The Office of Research Services has announced Nourish, a spring 2024 well-being challenge that helps turn healthy eating intentions into lifelong habits. Wrapped in a garden theme, Nourish lets you choose the activities most meaningful and motivating to you. 

Garden scene featuring a pumpkin and squash. The word "nourish" is placed in the upper left corner; a carrot represents the "i."

What’s in it for me? Grow virtual veggies, fruits and grains from around the world by recording health activities. Then try delicious recipes with ingredients from your garden—seven new recipes each week. A mobile app is also available to track on the go.

Who can participate? Available to all federal employees and anyone in your household ages 18 and over. Read the Nourish letter to all federal agencies for details at

To register, go to the Feds Get Fit website at Logging begins Monday, Apr. 1. Registration ends Monday, Apr. 8. Last Day to Track Activity: May 14.

Work together. Team participation is optional, but when groups of four band together toward a shared goal, they greatly improve their chance of success—and have more fun along the way! After registering, go to the “Team” page.

Learn how you can increase energy, lift mood and sharpen focus by eating more nutrient-rich food and less nutrient-deficient food in Nourish.

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