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Guides Proposed for Alzheimer’s-Like LATE

A recently recognized brain disorder that mimics clinical features of Alzheimer’s disease has for the first time been defined...NIH-funded scientists, working with international peers, described this new pathway to dementia.

Want To Learn a New Skill? Take Some Short Breaks

In a study of healthy volunteers, NIH researchers found that our brains may solidify the memories of new skills we just practiced a few seconds earlier by taking a short rest. The results highlight the critically important role rest may play in learning.

New Tool May Transform Study of Brain Structure, Function

With funding through the BRAIN Initiative, researchers developed a way to deliver an artificial blood supply to the isolated postmortem brain of a pig, preventing the degradation that would otherwise destroy many cellular and molecular functions and render it unsuitable for study.

Gene Therapy Restores Immunity in Infants with Rare Disease

A small clinical trial has shown that gene therapy can safely correct the immune systems of infants newly diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening inherited disorder in which infection-fighting immune cells do not develop or function normally.

Harnessing T-Cell ‘Stemness’ Could Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy

A new study led by scientists at NCI sheds light on one way tumors may continue to grow despite the presence of cancer-killing immune cells. The findings, published Mar. 29 in Science, suggest a way to enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

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