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Magnet weighing 38,000 pounds lifts off from South Drive.

19-Ton Magnet Augments NIH MRI Facility

Lowered through a hatch in the roof of the NIH MRI Research Facility (NMRF) on Aug. 25—with only an inch to spare on each side—was the ninth and newest member of a family of huge magnets used to conduct magnetic resonance imaging studies in humans...Read more

Dr. Neville Sanjana

Wachtel Awardees Discuss Advances in Cancer Genomics

It’s an exciting time to be a young scientist, as new technology keeps opening new doors to scientific discovery...Read more

Dr. Max Gassmann

Gassmann Lectures on High-Altitude Physiology

People are naturally adapted to live at or close to sea level, where the body’s oxygenation is more optimal than in higher-altitude...Read more



Campus beauty. In the courtyard of the Clinical Research Center, an anemone gets its closeup.
ON THE COVER: Microneedle flu vaccine patch application. The microneedles dissolve within minutes after insertion into skin to release encapsulated drug or vaccine.


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More People Giving, People Giving More’ Kickoff Theme as CFC Opens Here Today

The Combined Federal Campaign at NIH opens today (Oct. 5) and ends Oct. 29 with the major emphasis this year on increasing employee participation. The CFC has exceeded its quota at NIH for the past 3 years, but employee participation has dropped steadily—from 71 percent in 1973, to 65 percent in 1974, and 60 percent last year. Full participation is spelled out in this year's theme, "MORE PEOPLE GIVING, and people giving more." CFC officials hold their first strategy meeting. L to r are: Dr. Eldon L. Eagles, deputy
director of N1NCDS, which is responsible for conducting the drive; Dr. Tower; Dr.
Frederickson; Ms. Oliver, and Paul Waugaman, NINCDS executive officer.

NIH Marks Women's History Month

Ann Timmons, a communication artist, performed a one-woman play about equal rights pioneer Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

"Critical Thinking." That's how women at NIH change America, according to organizers of the 2005 Women's History Month celebration, who adapted the occasion's national theme "Women Change America" for the NIH audience.

Leading off the celebration, sponsored by NIH's Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management on Mar. 9, Ann Timmons, a communication artist, performed the one-woman play, Off the Wall: The Life and Works of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Author in 1892 of The Yellow Wallpaper, a semi-autobiographical account of a woman's struggle with depression, Gilman was a pundit and lecturer on equal rights for women.

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Microneedle flu vaccine patch application. The microneedles dissolve within minutes after insertion into skin to release encapsulated drug or vaccine.