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Use Social Media Wisely, Responsibly

Social media can be a great way of sharing your opinions and life events with friends and family. The opportunity to find, share and comment on information, data and imagery is unprecedented. But it is important to recognize that the use of social media can also present certain risks.

One of the best things you can do to safeguard yourself, as well as NIH, is to add a disclaimer to all of your social media accounts. Examples can include simple statements such as “All views/posts are my own” as part of your account’s personal/biography section. This is the same location where it is permissible to identify your affiliation with NIH. But be aware that a violation of policy could occur if the NIH name or logo is prominently featured. Also, remember the “rule of 3.” In identifying yourself as from NIH, it should be with at least two other “facts” in your profile. 

In the same spirit, do not use your .gov address to identify yourself on social media sites. Use a personal email account to avoid giving the appearance of the federal footprint or any inference of government policy or opinion.

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