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OD Celebrates ACEP Graduates

Ms. Barros speaks to ACEP participants.
Colleen Barros, NIH deputy director for management, holds a session with ACEP participants, engaging them about their interests and career goals.

The NIH Office of the Director recently celebrated the graduating class of the Administrative Career Enhancement Program (ACEP). Participants in this inaugural OD staff development program heard remarks from LaVerne Stringfield, associate director for management, OD, and a commencement address from Dr. Richard Wyatt, deputy director, Office of Intramural Research.

Wyatt encouraged graduates to “get out and move around the OD and the ICs, speak to one another, be respectful and civil with those we meet and take responsibility for our own actions. Above all, I suggest we enable and help other NIH’ers to accomplish our NIH mission to ‘enhance health, lengthen life and reduce illness and disability.’” 

ACEP was formed to address organizational awareness and professional development for OD employees at the GS-12 level and below. Participants were nominated to the program by supervisors. The program is offered at no cost to staff. 

“The support received from leadership throughout the OD was wonderful,” said Sheria Washington, who led the ACEP planning committee.

“My participation in the ACEP was the catalyst to fulfilling my professional aspiration of entering the acquisitions career field,” said graduate Eric Chapman. “The program provided a platform for discussing my career goal with my supervisor and mechanisms for achieving my objective.”

ACEP will continue in 2016. To learn more, contact Washington at or (301) 594-8233.

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