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Management Intern Program Recruits

The NIH Management Intern Program, a way to unlock a new career path, is recruiting Apr. 4-8. It is a highly competitive, 2-year career-development program for current NIH employees.

MIs come from a variety of job backgrounds including both scientific and administrative fields. Upon completion of the program, MIs transition into an administrative-management career in one of many areas throughout NIH.

Eligible employees are invited to apply. For program FAQs and details about eligibility, visit

Learn more by attending any of these information sessions, all of which are held from noon to 1 p.m.:

  • Mar. 22, Bldg. 31, 6C, Rm. 6
  • Mar. 23, Bldg. 45, NIH Training Center (adjacent to cafeteria)
  • Mar. 28, Rockledge 1, Suite 4000, RT1

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