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Demolition of Bldg. 34 Continues

Image of building being demolished
Image shows near-complete demolition of the old section of Bldg. 34. Still upright is the newer section of the building (34A), awaiting complete demolition in June.

Photo:  Bill Branson

Building being torn down
A close-up of the near-complete demolition of the old section of Bldg. 34

Photo:  Bill Branson

Bldg. 34, the old campus utility plant, is now being demolished to make way for the new Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System, which will feature an 8-million-gallon water tank 100-feet high and 120-feet wide.

The TES, along with the industrial water storage system—a 5-million-gallon water tank standing 65-feet high and with the same diameter as the TES—will increase the efficiency and reliability of the NIH Central Utility Plant and ensure that NIH research and patient care can continue uninterrupted if there is an unexpected power outage or disruption in public utility services.

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