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NIH’ers Support Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

Large group of uniformed people stand in front of the U.S. Capitol
NIH’ers are among PHS Commissioned Corps officers who supported the annual service honoring fallen law enforcement officials.

Photo:  Marc Glucksman

May 15th marked the 35th annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, which occurs during Police Week. The service commemorates law enforcement officials who have died in the line of duty the previous year. 

As is customary, police officers and the fallen officers’ family members from throughout the U.S. and internationally came to pay their respects. The keynote speaker this year was Sally Quillian Yates, deputy U.S. attorney general. 

For a majority of those at the service, it’s a time of reflection and honoring heroes. During the event, however, a few guests sought medical care for injuries ranging from mild to severe. Anticipating this need, the Office of the Attending Physician to Congress and the U.S. Capitol Police had requested that the Department of Health and Human Services provide health care support. 

To prepare for an event of this size and scope, the officers volunteered for 2 days to train for emergencies large or small. Those deployed for the service included National Disaster Medical System personnel and Commissioned Corps officers, including several from NIH. Multiple medical support teams provided health care and medical and logistical assistance.

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