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NINR Nursing Research Highlighted at Academy Health Meeting

Drs. Hinds, Aiken and Grady
Dr. Pamela Hinds (l), Dr. Linda Aiken (c) and NINR director Dr. Patricia Grady

The National Institute of Nursing Research recently participated in AcademyHealth’s annual research meeting, which brought together more than 2,600 researchers and interdisciplinary scientists. NINR’s contributions were highlighted through a special session, an award and an exhibit.

NINR director Dr. Patricia Grady chaired a special session titled “30 Years of Nursing Research: The Past, Present and Future of Nursing Science at the National Institute of Nursing Research.” She gave an overview of the institute’s priorities and described how research can translate into policy. “Nursing research can address many health care challenges that nursing faces, including the need for more clinicians. Research can also help us better serve a population that is both aging and increasing in racial and cultural diversity,” she said.

In addition to commemorating the 30th anniversary of NINR, the institute also recognized the contributions of two scientists it supports. Dr. Linda Aiken of the University of Pennsylvania has received 30 years of continuous funding from NINR. Her research has focused on how health policy can affect clinical outcomes. Aiken described how nurse staffing levels, education levels and work environment affect patient outcomes. This is a critical area of interest since work environments for nurses vary dramatically across the U.S.

Dr. Pamela Hinds of the Children’s National Health System described her bereavement program and intervention for families of children with a life-threatening or terminal illness. “Being a Good Parent to My Very Ill Child” aims to help parents define what it means to them to be a good parent at this difficult time. Hinds and her colleagues found that a sense of being a good parent helped parents make treatment decisions and ultimately cope with the loss of a child.

Each year at the meeting, AcademyHealth recognizes contributions to health services research and health policy. This year, NINR grantee Dr. Mary Naylor received the Distinguished Investigator Award. It recognizes investigators who have made significant and lasting contributions through scholarship, teaching, advancement of science and methods and leadership. Naylor developed the Transitional Care Model, an approach that seeks to improve care for community-based, older adults.

NINR also joined about 100 other exhibitors including publishers, government, universities and associations. NINR showcased materials such as research results and training opportunities.

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