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NIH’ers Staff Race Medical Tent

Small group of people wearing safety vests smiles into camera.
Volunteers are (from l) Dr. Stephanie Goff, Maureen George RN (department of perioperative medicine), Dr. Marjorie Perloff (NCI), Susan Redwood RN (nursing department- ICU), Karen Holcombe RN (DPM), tent director Dr. Julia Labovsky (DPM) and Martha Shepherd CRNA (DPM).

Annually, on the weekend after Labor Day, the Montgomery County Road Runners Club sponsors the Parks Half Marathon, which finishes in downtown Bethesda.

This year’s medical tent was staffed by NIH volunteers, along with other area hospital volunteers. NIH'ers included Maureen George, Dr. Stephanie Goff, Karen Holcombe, Dr. Julia Labovsky, Dr. Marjorie Perloff, Susan Redwood and Martha Shepherd.

“Race day was quite warm,” said George, “so the medical tent was busy. In spite of the brisk pace, the NIH volunteers enjoyed giving back to the community.”

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