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A mouse retina appears as a large, 4-petaled flower of gold glitter against a black backdrop

November 4, 2016

  • Dr. Karim Lakhani speaks at podium

    Prizes, Challenges Spur Innovation, Tap Global Talent

    Innovation is challenging, and new ideas just might come from motivated staff with audacious goals. NIH hosted a symposium on Sept. 30 to discuss challenges sponsored by the Office of the Associate Director for Data Science.
  • Dr. Peter Wayne

    Evidence Grows of Tai Chi’s Benefits, Including for Seniors

    For seniors, walking and mental processes can become even more difficult, with falls and cognitive decline often major fears as well as high public-health burdens. One nondrug complementary approach being studied for healthier, safer aging is tai chi.
  • A close-up view of the patch shows many tiny pink needles.

    NIBIB Grantee Tests Efficacy, Appeal of Flu Vaccine Patch

    A dime-sized patch of tiny, dissolvable microneedles could be the biomedical advance that expands the reach of vaccines to remote parts of the world and overcomes fear that prevents many from getting a flu shot each year.
  • Dr. Kate Rubins talks into microphone inside space station, surrounded by wires and equipment.

    SpaceChat Checks In on Science in the ‘Final Frontier’

    With one scientist planted firmly on planet Earth and another scientist in orbit 220 miles away on the International Space Station, NIH and NASA joined forces Oct. 18 for a live “SpaceChat” about DNA sequencing.
A mouse retina appears as a large, 4-petaled flower of gold glitter against a black backdrop

On the Cover

Mouse retina snipped to lay flat and sparkling with fluorescent molecules. 2016 CFC Beauty of Science 1st place entry by NIGMS

Photo: Kenyoung Kim, Wonkyu Ju & Mark Ellisman, all of the National Center for Microscopy & Imaging at UCSD

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