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FAES Announces Endocrinology Course

The Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences at NIH is holding its 2017 Endocrinology Review and Update Course Sept. 11-15. The course will prepare participants for the American Board of Internal Medicine endocrinology certification and recertification examinations. 

The class will provide details on how to evaluate and apply new treatments in the diagnosis of endocrine disorders and to identify the risks and benefits of each treatment. The course will provide case studies as examples of examination questions. Participants will learn cost-effective approaches to clinical, laboratory and radiologic diagnosis of endocrine disease with emphasis on recent advances. 

The week-long review will cover presentations and problem sets from experts in the field. Speakers include Dr. Francesco Celi of VCU Medical Center, Dr. Beverly Biller of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Electron Kebebew of NCI and Dr. Kristina Rother and Dr. Lee Weinstein, both of NIDDK. 

Participants can earn up to 37 CME (continuing medical education) credits. Registration is required. Visit

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