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NCCIH’s Goldrosen Bids Farewell

Dr. Goldrosen
Dr. Martin Goldrosen

Dr. Martin Goldrosen, director of the Division of Extramural Activities at NCCIH, recently retired. For many years, he planned and led the activities of scientific reviewers and other NCCIH staff to ensure the highest quality, objectivity and accountability in the center’s peer review process. 

“Dr. Goldrosen’s contributions to NCCIH and to the NIH have been immeasurable,” said NCCIH director Dr. Josephine Briggs. “He joined NCCIH (then known as NCCAM) when it had just been established and for 16 years helped shape the center and its direction in crucial ways. All of us will truly miss his thoughtful advice, good judgment and caring relationships with everyone with whom he worked.”

Goldrosen began his NIH career in 1991 as a health scientist administrator in the Grants Review Branch of NCI’s Division of Extramural Activities. In 2001, he moved to NCCIH to direct its Office of Scientific Review, a position that he held for 7 years before being appointed acting director and then director of the center’s extramural activities division.

Prior to joining NIH, Goldrosen was a cancer researcher at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, focusing on tumor immunobiology. He performed the first orthotopic transplant procedure in mice, which ultimately became the standard for animal models simulating human cancer, and oversaw several clinical immunology research programs. Concurrently, he was a research professor of experimental pathology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he trained dozens of doctoral and postdoctoral students who went on to become successful clinicians and scientists in oncology. His interest in mentorship continued throughout his career at NCCIH. 

Goldrosen received his Ph.D. in immunology from McMaster University. His many awards and honors included the NIH Director’s Award and three NCCIH Director’s Awards. 

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