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Credit Union Announces ‘Student Choice’ Loan Programs

The NIH Federal Credit Union has introduced its new Student Choice education loan programs. As a not-for-profit lender, NIHFCU can now help borrowers fund an undergraduate education. It also now has the ability to refinance existing student loan debt and potentially save borrowers thousands of dollars. Undergraduate lines of credit are available up to $75,000. Refinance loans go up to $250,000 for practicing physicians and $125,000 for all other professions.

“As the cost of an education and the level of student loan debt continue to rise, we know that many individuals are challenged by this burden and potentially delay other important life decisions,” said Steve Levin, NIHFCU vice president of marketing. “We are thrilled to now offer new solutions to help our members take more control of their student loan debt and simplify their lives.”

Rick Wieczorek, NIHFCU president and CEO adds, “The NIHFCU looks forward to proudly helping our current and future members navigate through the financial demands of funding and paying for an education. The Student Choice program is one of many new products we are developing to support the financial needs of the NIH workforce and the local health care community at large.”

To learn more about Student Choice, visit or stop by any NIHFCU branch.

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