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NIDA Hosts Neural Engineering Symposium

Volkow poses with NIDA investigators and Purdue University faculty
NIDA director Dr. Nora Volkow (rear, third from l) and NIDA scientific director Dr. Antonello Bonci (rear, fourth from l) with NIDA IRP investigators and Purdue University biomedical engineering faculty

NIDA’s Intramural Research Program hosted a Neural Engineering Symposium on Apr. 7. 

Faculty from Purdue University’s biomedical engineering department presented innovative technologies for drug delivery systems, formulations and counterfeit prevention strategies to help curb the opioid overdose epidemic. 

In addition, Purdue faculty presented experimental diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices, both wearable and implantable. 

NIDA investigators and Purdue faculty spent the day discussing the research tool and clinical applications for these early-stage technologies. 

The symposium is a continuation of ongoing research collaborations between the NIDA IRP and Purdue University and will lead to further development of these technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic utility.

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