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June 20

Committee Addresses Aging, Adult Dependent Care Needs

The Office of Personnel Management estimates that 49 percent of the workforce will be expected to provide elder care for a family member, or loved one, within the next 5 years. The Life@NIH Survey, conducted by the NIH child care board, the Office of Research Services and the Office of Human Resources found that 24 percent of participants will be caring for both children and an adult in the near future. The Sandwich Generation—the cohort of employees not only raising children but also providing care to aging parents and relatives—is presented with challenges associated with multigenerational caregiving.  

In response to these challenges, ORS has launched the aging and adult dependent care committee (AADCC). Over the next 3 years, AADCC will explore, collect information/data and assess services in order to provide employees with the tools and support systems they need to plan for aging and for providing adult dependent care.

“Offering various workplace flexibilities is essential in recruiting and retaining the most highly qualified workforce at the NIH,” said ORS Acting Director Tim Tosten. “It is important to provide to our employees comprehensive services so that they can better manage their complex work and family responsibilities.” 

If you are currently caring for a loved one, or anticipate caring for someone in the near future, come to a committee meeting and share your needs and challenges. AADCC will meet on a quarterly basis—the next meeting is Tuesday, June 20. If you would like to attend or have questions, email Tonya Lee at  

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