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Hello, overall, I love working at NIH. However, I would like to know how do I report bullying on behalf of someone else? Is there an anonymous link, email address or central mailbox for such matters? Thank you for assistance.

Response from NIH Civil Program

Bullying is managed by the NIH Civil Program, which works to address and prevent workplace violence. Civil defines violence broadly and helps the ICs manage a range of situations, from bullying and other types of intimidating behavior to more direct or physical types of violence such as threats, suicidal ideation and domestic violence. To keep the situation from escalating, bullying interactions should be immediately documented and reported to Civil. To contact a Civil Program coordinator, call 301-40C-IVIL (301-402-4845).

Civil is part of the Office of Human Resources and as such, is not confidential nor does it have an anonymous link or email address to report concerning behavior. However, for situations where employees wish to talk about concerns and action plans in a confidential setting, they can contact the Employee Assistance Program (301-496-3164) or the Office of the Ombudsman (301-594-7231). Civil is also not a substitute for calling 911 when police or emergency help is needed.

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