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The blue bubble of a cancerous cell surrounded by purple and yellow wisps of cellular parts

July 28, 2017

  • Dr. Atul Gawande interlaces fingers as he speaks

    Data Is Critical for Better Care, Expanded Access, Says Gawande

    There are 60,000 different ways the body can fail and medicine has developed 4,000 surgical procedures and 6,000 drugs to treat those failures, according to surgeon, New Yorker staff writer and public health researcher Dr. Atul Gawande.
  • A TV cameraman points video camera at Dr. Wood in a testing room in the Clinical Center

    TV Series on Bldg. 10 Debuts Aug. 10 on Discovery

    On Aug. 10, the Discovery Channel will premiere a 3-part documentary series on the Clinical Center. The program highlights the innovation and hard work that takes place in the Clinical Center, depicts how challenging illnesses are diagnosed and treated and provides an inside look at successes and even setbacks.
  • A man holds out, moves handheld device and wears head gear to try virtual reality experience in Clinical Center south lobby.

    NIH Expo Celebrates Safety, Wellness

    For all that NIH’ers do to advance the health of others, it was invigorating for staff to have a day to reflect on their own health and have some fun in the process. Hundreds of employees stopped by the Clinical Center on June 28 for the 6th annual Safety, Health & Wellness Day, coordinated by ORS, ORF and R&W.
  • NIAID writer-editor Claudia Wair

    NIAID Writer Excels In Weekend Writing Competitions

    Claudia Wair is just getting started when most of NIH is heading home for the weekend. That’s because she participates in competitions where she composes short stories, often beginning on a Friday and ending on a Sunday.
The blue bubble of a cancerous cell surrounded by purple and yellow wisps of cellular parts

On the Cover

Osteosarcoma cell with DNA in blue, energy factories (mitochondria) in yellow and actin filaments, part of the cellular skeleton, in purple

Photo: Dylan Burnette, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, NICHD

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