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PHS Ceremony Promotes 24 Officers

Newly promoted PHS officers
Newly promoted PHS officers

The 15th annual Public Health Service Commissioned Corps promotion took place recently at Natcher Conference Center. NIH takes time each year to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of corps officers, who continue to carry out the PHS mission to protect, promote and advance the health and safety of our nation. This year, 24 officers were promoted. Additionally, newly retired, new calls to active duty and student training/extern program officers were recognized.

Newly Retired Officers: RADM Deborah Wilson, CAPT Kirk Druey, CAPT Michael Eckhaus, CAPT Thomas Eggerman, CAPT Michele Evans, CAPT John Hsiao, CAPT Chad Koratich, CAPT Francois Lalonde, CAPT Marissa Miller, CAPT Lawrence Nelson, CAPT Michaele Smith, CAPT Pamela Stratton, CAPT Eric Wasserman, CDR Jennifer Pope

New Calls to Active Duty Officers: LT Anahita Agharahimi, LT Lonice Carter, LTJG Ashante Sims

Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program: ENS Kathryn Peterson

Medical Officers—Promoted to Captain: Stephen Hewitt; promoted to Commander: Christopher Ramsden, Mark Roschewski

Nurse Officers—Promoted to Captain: Margarita Velarde; promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Jamie Cherup, Michelle Holshue, Raven McGlotten, Margaret Whelpley; promoted to Lieutenant: Jamie Lawson

Engineer Officers—Promoted to Commander: Leo Angelo Gumapas, Andrew Yang; promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Phuong Vo

Scientist Officers—Promoted to Commander: Mark Miller; promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Iman Martin

Environmental Health Officers—Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Brian Czarnecki

Pharmacy Officers—Promoted to Captain: Jinhee Lee, Elizabeth Yuan; promoted to Commander: Matthew Kirchoff; promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Marleen Tran

Health Services Officers—Promoted to Captain: Tiffany Edmonds, Josef Rivero, Janet Valdez; promoted to Commander: Rafael Torres-Cruz; promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Nicole Pascua

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