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ORS ‘Cheerleader’ Jenkins Mourned

Pamela Jenkins
Pamela Jenkins

If someone asked who our employee cheerleader is, the answer would be Pamela Jenkins. She passed away on Feb. 15.

As a quality assurance specialist in the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services, Office of Research Services, Jenkins made sure her office was full of energy. Colleagues say she brought out the best in everyone and was a dedicated, motivated and passionate person. Jenkins grew up in Maryland and joined NIH in 1990, beginning her public service as a telephone operator.

During the holidays, she was known for her candy count contests and amazing costumes. When Take a Hike Day was implemented in 2007, Jenkins brought life and heart to the event. It was her vision that created the Take a Hike Day logo, which is still used today. She made it a fun and memorable event for everyone who participated. “And for the reluctant ones,” a coworker reported, “Jenkins took your hand and made sure you were a part of the NIH family.”

While in the Division of Space and Facility Management, Jenkins worked with the Office of General Counsel and NIH to eliminate tobacco sales in facilities managed by the Maryland Business Enterprise Program for the Blind.

A recent memorial celebration for Jenkins drew many of her co-workers, who were also friends, to join together to remember and celebrate her life and nearly 30 years of public service at NIH.

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