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Structure of the light-sensing G protein-coupled receptor rhodopsin.

July 13, 2018

  • NIH director Dr. Francis Collins at ACD meeting

    Range of Issues Considered at 116th ACD Meeting

    “It’s been a pretty intense 6 months since we last met,” said Collins at the outset of a meeting that traditionally displays the breadth and depth of agency concerns.
  • ORS’s Joe Cox and Cpl. Christine Fedorisko form cheering squad at hike.

    High Spirits, Low Stress Mark ‘Take a Hike Day’

    Normally, when more than 1,300 employees walk off the job mid-day, a workplace has a problem. That is, unless it’s NIH’s annual Take a Hike Day, when the boss actually encourages the at-work workout.
  • Dr. Nanette Wenger

    Wenger Puts Women at Heart of Research

    Heart disease still tops the list of the leading causes of death for men and women in the United States, yet women tend to be affected later in life and often have different symptoms than men.
  • Dr. Alyssa Brooks and Dr. Nancy Ames at rounds

    Alcohol, Sleep and the Microbiome

    By learning about the composition of the bacteria and other single-celled organisms in their digestive systems, researchers in the Clinical Center hope to develop treatments to help these patients sleep.
Structure of the light-sensing G protein-coupled receptor rhodopsin.

On the Cover

Recent NCI cryo-electron microscopy study reveals the structure of the light-sensing G protein-coupled receptor rhodopsin, captured in a signal transduction step.

Photo: Veronica Falconieri & Sriram Subramaniam — NCI

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