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Electron microscopic image of single heart cell in an adult mouse

February 8, 2019

  • NIH Patient Shares Stories of ‘Invisible Illness’

    Harper Spero spent the first 27 years of her life hiding her rare disease from family and friends. Determined to live a normal life, she spent years managing her symptoms while ignoring her doctor’s repeated pleas to seek help at NIH. After going public with her story, she started looking for ways to help others.
  • Exhibit in CRC Reveals Flower Genome, Art of Science

    Nearly 2 years in the making, artist Anna Fine Foer's “Tulipmania and the Tulip Genome,” which combines art, genomics, history and horticulture, is now on display in the Clinical Research Center.
  • Increasing Access to Mental Health Requires Action

    Dr. Margarita Alegría envisions a country where everyone who needs mental health services gets them. “We have a lot of knowledge of what we need to do and how to do it, but we’re missing the action,” she said.
  • VA Model of Care Shows Potential, Gaudet Says

    Dr. Tracy Gaudet's talk reflected three of NCCIH’s research priorities: chronic pain, emotional well-being as a component of disease prevention and health promotion and pain research in military and veterans’ populations.
Electron microscopic image of single heart cell in an adult mouse

On the Cover

Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopic image shows the major structures within a single heart cell of a healthy adult mouse, highlighted in color via computer enhancement--mitochondrial membranes (red), mitochondrial interior (green), sarcoplasmic reticulum (dark blue), fat droplets (cyan/greenish blue) and the contractile apparatus (pink, yellow, lighter blue). February is American Heart Month.

Brian Glancy, NHLBI

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