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Scanning electron microscopic cells shaped like popcorn, colored green and pink

March 22, 2019

  • Ghedin and Segre with plaque

    Ghedin Explores Our Inner Societies

    Our bodies are crowd scenes and the types and number of characters we host can mean the difference between health and discordant strife disease.
  • Kochanek speaks with slide projected behind him

    Searching for Breakthroughs in Brain Injury Research

    The field of traumatic brain injury (TBI) has burst onto the public’s radar in recent years, bolstered by publicity surrounding sports-related concussions and war-related injuries.
  • Seated Pérez-Stable talks with tablemates

    Workshop Addresses Lack of Diversity in Workforce

    Leaders of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities gathered on campus recently to address barriers contributing to the lack of diversity in the biomedical workforce.
Scanning electron microscopic cells shaped like popcorn, colored green and pink

On the Cover

Vaccine-based immunotherapy from novel nanoparticles systems. Researchers at the Texas Center for Cancer Nanomedicine are creating particle-based vaccines for cancer therapy. The particles carry molecules that stimulate immune cells and cancer antigens (proteins) that direct the immune response. This scanning electron microscope image shows dendritic cells (pseudo-colored in green) interacting with T cells (pseudo-colored in pink). The dendritic cells internalize the particles, process the antigens and present peptides to T cells to direct immune responses.

Photo: Victor Segura Ibarra & Dr. Rita Serda

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