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New Mandatory Anti-Harassment Training Offered Online

In line with its commitment to achieving a harassment-free work environment, NIH launched a new online anti-harassment training module in August. Training goals are to educate individuals in the workplace to prevent harassment and to raise awareness of what constitutes harassment and the consequences of harassing behavior to stamp out instances where they may exist. The new training is mandatory and encompasses the requirements for the No FEAR and prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) training.  

Previously, only federal employees were required to take No FEAR and POSH training within 90 days of onboarding and every 2 years thereafter. The new module is required for NIH employees, trainees, fellows and contractors. Additionally, the training must be taken annually and is due by Nov. 15 of each year. Failure to comply with the requirement will result in disablement of an employee’s active directory accounts until the requirement is met. Employees whose active directory accounts are disabled are unable to sign into their computer or access emails.

To learn more about EEO mandatory training for NIH, visit the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion website at Contact with any questions you may have regarding the new anti-harassment training.

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