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PECASE Honors Nine NIH’ers

Dr. John Brognard,

PECASE honoree Dr. John Brognard

Dr. Romina Goldszmid

PECASE honoree Dr. Romina Goldszmid

Dr. Christopher Hourigan

PECASE honoree Dr. Christopher Hourigan

Dr. Chandra L. Jackson

PECASE honoree Dr. Chandra L. Jackson

Dr. Jennifer Martinez

PECASE honoree Dr. Jennifer Martinez

Dr. Katherine McJunkin

PECASE honoree Dr. Katherine McJunkin

Dr. Adam Phillippy

PECASE honoree Dr. Adam Phillippy

Dr. Anish Thomas

PECASE honoree Dr. Anish Thomas

Dr. Catherine Weisz

PECASE honoree Dr. Catherine Weisz

Nine NIH’ers were recently named recipients of the Presidential Early-Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). PECASE is the highest honor given by the U.S. government to outstanding scientists and engineers who are beginning their independent research careers and who show exceptional promise for leadership in science and technology. The NIH awardees are:

Dr. John Brognard, NIH Earl Stadtman investigator and head of the signaling networks in cancer section of the Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling in NCI’s Advanced Technology Research Facility

Dr. Romina Goldszmid, Earl Stadtman investigator and head of the inflammatory cell dynamics section in the Cancer and Inflammation Program of NCI’s Center for Cancer Research

Dr. Christopher Hourigan, chief of NHLBI’s Laboratory of Myeloid Malignancies, which studies measurable residual disease in acute myeloid leukemia

Dr. Chandra L. Jackson, Earl Stadtman investigator, Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Equity Epidemiology Branch, NIEHS and NIMHD

Dr. Jennifer Martinez, tenure-track investigator, NIEHS inflammation and autoimmunity group

Dr. Katherine McJunkin, Stadtman tenure-track investigator and acting chief, section on regulatory RNAs in NIDDK’s Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology

Dr. Adam Phillippy, principal investigator, NHGRI genome informatics section

Dr. Anish Thomas, investigator and Lasker clinical research scholar, Developmental Therapeutics Branch in NCI’s Center for Cancer Research

Dr. Catherine Weisz, investigator and acting chief of NIDCD’s section on neuronal circuitry.

PECASE was established in 1996 and recognizes contributions scientists and engineers have made to the advancement of science, technology, education and mathematics education and to community service as demonstrated through scientific leadership, public education and community outreach. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy coordinates PECASE with participating departments and agencies.

In addition to the scientists in NIH’s Intramural Research Program, dozens of grantees in at least 18 states received PECASE recognition.

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