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Light me up brain image

September 6, 2019

  • Alisa Roth speaks at podium in Neuroscience Center

    Andrews, Roth Advocate for Decriminalizing Mental Illness

    U.S. prisons are crowded with mentally ill people, a longstanding crisis within our criminal justice system, says author Alisa Roth at a recent NIMH lecture. Phil Andrews of the State’s Attorney’s Office advocates for mental health courts as an alternative to incarceration.
  • Dr. Mariana Mazzucato

    Seminar Speaker Seeks Rewrite of Innovation Script

    A talk by UCL economics professor Dr. Mariana Mazzucato, “The State and Innovation—From Fixing Markets to Co-Creating,” challenged the audience to tell more complete stories about who leads innovation.
  • Dr. Colin West

    West Offers Ideas for Managing Physician Burnout

    In a lecture delivered at Clinical Center Grand Rounds recently by Dr. Colin West of the Mayo Clinic, the specific definition of burnout was clarified as a syndrome with three main domains: depersonalization, emotional exhaustion and a sense of low personal accomplishment.
  • Cell editor Dr. John Pham speaks at meeting.

    ‘Cell’ Editor Pulls Curtain Back on Journal's Inner Workings

    Cell editor-in-chief Dr. John Pham offers NIAMS intramural scientists a glimpse of what it takes to get an article published in a leading scientific journal.
Light Me Up brain image

On the Cover

“Light Me Up.” Light-based rendering of deep brain stimulation’s electrical excitation of neuronal fiber pathways to treat patients with traumatic brain injury. 1st place winner, BRAIN Initiative Photo and Video Contest, 2019

Photo: Andrew Janson

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