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Credit Union Offers Enhancements

The NIH Federal Credit Union (NIHFCU) is upgrading many of its NIH-based ATMs with new, interactive technology. Members can soon opt to see, talk or private chat with a Rockville-based NIHFCU video teller in real time at the ATM for teller transactions including: cashing checks, making NIHFCU loan payments and transfers, depositing cash and checks and receiving cash. 

Video tellers will be available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (an extension of 2 hours beyond normal branch hours) for added convenience. Four NIHFCU ATMs will be converted in 2019: Clinical Center (adjacent to the branch and B1 cafeteria), Bldg. 31 (outside A-wing entrance) and Fishers Lane (branch entrance). Additional ATMs will be converted in 2020. 

A temporary disruption may be experienced as the ATMs are upgraded. Traditional ATM functionality and in-branch tellers will continue as usual. Non-members can continue to use NIHFCU ATMs for their cash withdrawals. Questions? Stop by any NIHFCU branch or call 800-877-6440. 

Also, this winter, NIHFCU will be opening a new branch in Silver Spring. Located at the main entrance to the Blairs Shopping Center and directly across from the Silver Spring Metro station, the branch will bring an added level of convenience to the NIH workforce, and their families, who live nearby. Visit for details on the branch opening. 

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