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NIGMS Hosts B-CC High School Students

Scientist talks to high schoolers.

PRAT fellow Philip Adam talks to students about his career and experiences.

Photo: Jyoti Singh

On Dec. 5, eight students from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School visited NIH as part of the school’s career day. The students were engaged from the beginning and partook in multiple tours. They were particularly interested in hearing from NIGMS staff and the PRAT fellows—including Philip Adam, above—about their careers, experiences working in labs as both students and professionals and the pros and cons of working in larger labs at bigger universities vs. smaller labs at private/liberal arts schools. As part of the event, the National Library of Medicine’s Tara Mowery and Dr. Stephen Greenberg (below, showing youngsters the Nobel Prize medal earned by NIH’s Dr. Marshall Nirenberg) led the students on a tour of NLM, providing overviews of NIH, the library and its History of Medicine Division. 

Kids view Nobel Prize medal.

Dr. Stephen Greenberg (l) shows youngsters the Nobel Prize medal earned by NIH’s Dr. Marshall Nirenberg.

Photo: Jyoti Singh

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