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NIDA Director Receives AMA’s Davis Award

Volkow holds award flanked by Roberts and Ehrenfeld.

NIDA director Dr. Nora Volkow (c) holds her award in the company of ABC News reporter Deborah Roberts and AMA board chair Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld.

NIDA director Dr. Nora Volkow received the American Medical Association’s 2020 Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service in the category Member of Executive Branch in Career Public Service. 

Recognizing Volkow’s dedication to public service, the award is considered one of the most prestigious that honors local, state and federal career and elected officials. Volkow was recognized for her contributions to the field of addiction research. As one of the world’s leading experts on the science of addiction, she pioneered the use of brain imaging to investigate the toxic effects and properties of drugs of abuse. 

The award ceremony, held Feb. 11 at the Grand Hyatt Washington hotel, was attended by more than 500 health sector representatives, including members of Congress and administration officials.

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