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Close-up view of blue-green, purple colored scalloped zebrafish scales

September 4, 2020

  • Anderson Explains Role of Nanoparticles in Vaccines

    If and when effective vaccines for Covid-19 are developed, some will surely rely on a nanoparticle delivery system whose origins lie in decades of painstaking groundwork. Offering a tour of that effort was Dr. Dan Anderson of MIT.
  • Bilusic Navigates Journey to Personalized Medicine

    At a recent Clinical Center Grand Rounds presentation, Dr. Marijo Bilusic, NCI associate research physician-turned-GPS navigator, offered a question, “Personalized Oncology: Are We There Yet?”
  • NIDDK Research Shows Importance of Masks

    As Covid-19 began spreading in the United States, NIDDK scientists began studying how people might be transmitting the virus through speech. Their research revealed that normal talking disperses thousands of saliva droplets that can linger in the air; wearing a cloth mask dramatically helps prevent their release.
  • NIDCD Lab Applies Gene Therapy to Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is one of the most common communication disorders in the world. Aging, exposure to loud noise, head trauma, genetic mutations, some medications and bacterial infections can all lead to hearing loss. Gene therapy could soon provide a treatment for patients with hearing loss and dizziness, said Dr. Wade Chien.
Close-up view of blue-green, purple colored scalloped zebrafish scales

On the Cover

Zebrafish scales can give insight into how lymphatic vessels are important for tissue growth and development. Image shows an anesthetized adult zebrafish viewed with a powerful microscope that uses lasers to illuminate the fish. Shown are fish scales with lymphatic vessel in green and scale structures in blue and magenta.

Daniel Castranova, NICHD

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