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Corwin Describes a Nurse Scientist’s Path

Dr. Elizabeth Corwin
Dr. Elizabeth Corwin

Dr. Elizabeth Corwin recently presented “Symptom Science Across the Lifespan: Metabolites, Microbes and Maternal Health.” While this was the third NINR Director’s Lecture of 2020, it was the inaugural lecture for new NINR director Dr. Shannon Zenk, who provided opening remarks.  Zenk said that Corwin’s “influential research has given us new insights into how the microbiome influences pregnancy outcomes and how fatigue may be related to postpartum depression.”

Corwin’s journey to becoming a nurse scientist highlights how varied that path can be. She received a bachelor of science in zoology followed by a Ph.D. in physiology. During her postdoctoral fellowship, she was introduced to clinical research, which inspired her to step out of her faculty position to return to school for a bachelor’s degree in nursing and become a family nurse practitioner. “I always say it and I mean it,” she said. “Going back to school and becoming a nurse practitioner was the best professional decision of my life.” 

Corwin currently leads interdisciplinary research focusing on the biological, behavioral and environmental impacts on maternal health in underserved and socially disadvantaged populations. Throughout her research career, she has combined her expertise as a basic scientist with her experience caring for women and families across the lifespan.

The video of her talk is available at

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