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Centralized Website Launches for Covid-19 Clinical Trials

A screenshot of Combat COVID website

A central web portal called Combat COVID——recently went live, as did a Spanish version at

Launched by the Department of Health and Human Services, in coordination with NIH and Operation Warp Speed, the portals serve as one-stop resources to help the public and doctors find information about different stages of Covid-19 illness, NIH-supported Covid-19 prevention and treatment clinical trials, and locations to donate plasma. The websites provide clear and easy-to-understand information for: 

  • People who have never had Covid-19 who may be interested in joining a vaccine or other prevention trial

  • People who have Covid-19 and want to participate in a treatment clinical trial

  • People who have recovered from Covid-19 who may be interested in donating plasma

  • Doctors and other health care providers who want more information to guide their patients who have Covid-19.

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