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Panoramic view of hospital lobby with uniformed nurse taking temperature of employee entering building.

January 8, 2021

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Debuts at Clinical Center

    Three days before Christmas, 6 Clinical Center health care workers became the first recipients of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine that was pioneered by NIAID scientists and industry partners in the precedent-shattering speed of only 11 months.
  • ACD Focuses on COVID, Research Response

    For the first day of the December meeting of the advisory committee to the NIH director, the ACD might well have stood for All-Covid Deliberations. The majority of the agenda was devoted to the novel coronavirus that has wreaked havoc worldwide.
  • Study Aims to Tackle Health Disparities Gap

    NIH senior investigator Dr. Michele K. Evans and her team of investigators have taken to the streets of Baltimore, where they are conducting a long-term observational study called HANDLS. The study aims to understand and address the persistent health disparities along racial, ethnic, gender and class lines that cause disproportionate disease and disability.
  • Avoid Enemies of Energy in Workplace, Advises Rockwell

    An energized workplace where employees love to come in—even if only virtually—every day is no accident and takes work to maintain, says Dan Rockwell, author of the Leadership Freak blog and co-author of The Character-Based Leader. There are six enemies of energy, Rockwell said. However, leaders can take steps to monitor, manage and fuel energy in teams.
Panoramic view of hospital lobby with uniformed nurse taking temperature of employee entering building.

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Commissioned Corps members perform temperature checks in the south entry of the Clinical Center, during a lockdown period early in the pandemic last year. To start 2021, the Clinical Center remains open and operational although NIH at large continues to telework to the fullest extent possible

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