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ORWH Releases New E-Learning Courses

ORWH recently expanded its e-learning course offerings with “Sex as a Biological Variable: A Primer” and the final two modules of the “Bench to Bedside: Integrating Sex and Gender to Improve Human Health” course.

The NIH Policy on Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) articulates NIH’s expectation that sex, as a biological variable, will be factored into research designs, analyses and reporting in vertebrate animal and human studies. The SABV primer consists of four independent, interactive modules designed to help the research community—including trainees and researchers at all career stages, NIH grant applicants and those engaged in peer review—account for and appropriately integrate SABV across all phases of biomedical and biobehavioral research. ORWH developed the primer in partnership with the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

ORWH also released the final two modules of Bench to Bedside, developed in partnership with the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Women’s Health. 

The SABV primer, all six of the Bench to Bedside modules and the previously released “Introduction: Sex- and Gender-Related Differences in Health” course are available free. Visit for more information. 

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