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Women Leaders Connect in Training Center Course

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Training Center offers women leaders course.

If you are a GS-13 or equivalent leader at NIH and seek to meet, connect and learn with and from other leaders, the NIH Training Center’s Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success series offers an opportunity. 

Launched in 2016, the program is designed to help women leaders develop their own vision, voice, leadership presence and resilience. The program includes a DiSC assessment, which offers insights on current leadership styles and behaviors as a foundation for self-awareness and future skills enhancement.  

A unique course component features women executives providing mentoring, guidance and support to participants.  

The 2021 panel includes moderator Capt. Antoinette Jones, patient representative, Clinical Center; Dr. L. Michelle Bennett, director, NCI Center for Research Strategy; Darla Hayes, associate director for management, NIH Office of the Director; Camille Hoover, NIDDK executive officer and associate director for management; Dr. Maryland Pao, NIMH clinical director; and Dr. Karen Parker, director of NIH’s Sexual & Gender Minority Research Office.

Here’s what women have shared about their experience in the course:  

  •  I loved the opportunity to engage with women genuinely and honestly from a diverse range of offices across NIH.
  •  I enjoyed that it was a program by women and for women and the unique challenges we face. 
  •  I appreciate the wealth of experiences the panelists brought to the meeting and their willingness to be candid made this one of the best events I’ve attended in a long time.
  •  The interactions made me take a deeper look at myself as a leader and a person.

More than 250 women have experienced this program. Start 2021 off with an investment in your leadership skills and join the cohort that begins Feb. 25. Register soon; the course is limited to 25 participants. For tuition, details about the course and to register, visit

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