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Past Year, a Time of Learning

A giant rainbow looms above a grassy field, as deer graze in the distance.

Photo: Janice Solomon

Tall trees viewed from below against a blue sky

Photo: Janice Solomon

A brown and white striped bird holds a fish in his mouth.

Photo: Janice Solomon

A tiny green leaf sits inside the knotted branches of a tree.

Photo: Janice Solomon

A bunny sits in the grass

Photo: Janice Solomon

Yellow and peach surround clouds as the sun sets behind a field.

Photo: Janice Solomon

Janice Solomon, a lead IT specialist in the NIH Office of the Director, took these photographs in her Maryland neighborhood during spring and early summer 2020, just as we were all coming to grips with the pandemic.

“Pre-Covid, I was involved in many social and photography groups,” she noted for the Office of NIH History’s Behind the Mask project. “During Covid, I’ve still been able to attend many webinars, photo critiques and club meetings, all online. I’ve finally learned how to use Lightroom to edit photos and how to adjust aperture, timing and other settings on my camera rather than using the Auto setting. I’ve had a lot more time at home since I’m not commuting to work or to club get-togethers, so I go walking and taking nature photos several times a week now. I’m much more aware of the wildlife and nature in my neighborhood, and how the changing of the seasons affects the foliage.”

A little more than 1 year after the worst pandemic in a century, the images seem to reflect resilience.

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