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Volunteers with Type O Blood Sought

NIAID is looking for volunteers with type O blood to create a supply of malaria-rich blood for future malaria research. Volunteers will be infected with a mild case of malaria, donate their blood for future research and then be treated with a highly effective malaria treatment. Participants may experience mild, flu-like symptoms but will be monitored closely and treated quickly. Volunteers will receive compensation for participating. For details, call (866) 444-2214 or email Refer to study #000212-I or visit

Do You Have a RASopathy Syndrome?

RASopathies are rare disorders caused by a genetic change often diagnosed in infancy or early childhood. People with RASopathy syndromes may have developmental issues, cognitive and congenital disabilities and poor growth, and may also have an increased risk of developing cancer. An NCI study will look to better understand medical conditions in individuals with RASopathies and learn more about how genetics and environmental factors contribute to cancer development in affected patients. Investigators are recruiting patient volunteers diagnosed with specific RASopathy syndromes. If you or a relative have been diagnosed with a RASopathy syndrome and want to know how to enroll in the study, contact the Clinical Center Office of Patient Recruitment at (866) 444-2214 (TTY users dial 711) or email and reference study #20-C-0107. Online:

People with AUD Needed

People with alcohol use disorder (AUD) have trouble controlling their drinking and cravings for alcohol. Studies have found a relationship between ghrelin, commonly called the hunger hormone, and alcohol cravings for those with AUD. Researchers at NIDA are now testing an investigational drug, GLWL-01, to change the activity level of this hormone and determine whether it can help decrease craving for alcohol.  If you are 18-70 years old, have moderate to severe alcohol use and are willing to quit, you may qualify to join. The study includes a 21-day stay at the clinical research unit on the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus in Baltimore. Compensation for participation will be provided at completion. To learn more and see if you qualify, contact the Clinical Center Office of Patient Recruitment at (866) 444-2214 (TTY users, dial 711) or email and reference NIH study #19-DA-N075. Online:

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