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Take Your Child to Work Day Held Virtually Once Again

screenshot of videoconference grid
Participants take part in “Stump Dr. Sciencehead,” an ORWH activity.
screenshot grid featuring adults and children interacting via videoconference
NEI research fellow Dr. Laura Campello (top row center) leads a session on extracting DNA from a strawberry.
screenshot of videoconference grid with several children looking at featured box with cartoon sleuth.
Stephanie Morrison’s and Masaki Terabe’s kids get ready to begin the Healthy Living Scavenger Hunt game with Carrie Hoskins and Toni Waldron.
screenshot of videoconference grid
NIDDK’s Computer Technology Branch gave kids a brief lesson on cyber safety such as detecting phishing, cyberbullying and password security. Afterward, the youngsters played a game based on what they’d learned.
screenshot of videoconference grid
Kids played a fun Blooket quiz game testing their knowledge from NIDDK’s Computer Technology Branch’s short lesson.
screenshot grid with two adults in individual boxes and two children in individual boxes on lower row.
NEI's Dr. Laura Campello (top r) and Dr. Jayshree Advani (top l) demonstrate how to extract DNA from a strawberry using everyday household items.
Rohde seated at table attends to an open flame contained in a glass cylinder.
Dr. John Rohde, AAAS science and technology policy fellow at NINDS, models a nerve signal with a fire tornado. The pressure and motion of air molecules help viewers see what ions are doing when a nerve sends a signal.
screenshot grid with adults in individual boxes and children in individual boxes
Dr. Laura Campello (top l) extracts DNA from a strawberry using everyday household items.

NIH’s “Take Your Child To Work Day” (TYCTWD) was held virtually on Apr. 22. 

The day offered students in grades 1 through 12 an opportunity to experience the diversity of research and careers that makes NIH what it is. 

TYCTWD is sponsored by the Office of Research Services.

“People here at NIH do many different things, but all of it has the goal of helping everyone live longer and healthier lives,” said NIH acting director Dr. Lawrence Tabak during the day’s welcome video.

Although many students are back in the classroom, organizers stuck with the virtual format for another year because the Clinical Center cares for many patients with underlying medical conditions associated with higher risk for severe Covid-19. 

Next year, Tabak is looking forward to hosting NIH Jeopardy in person once again to test young contestants’ science and health knowledge. 

Over 20 institutes offered more than 100 engaging virtual activities to all NIH locations. 

Live and recorded events were available throughout the day in addition to Earth Day activities. 

“I’m excited to see how many kids, parents and volunteers have signed up to take part in today’s impressive list of activities,” Tabak enthused.—Eric Bock

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