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Halloween Pet Parade

A doodle goes as a dinosaur, dressed in green shirt with spiky back
Colt’s costume is dino-mite.

Photo:  Eric Bock, OD

A dog sports a black witch hat for Halloween.
Biscuit Prince hoping to conjure up some dog treats this Halloween

Photo:  Scott Prince, OD

A yellow lab wears a lion mane.
There’s a lion in the house! Dante dons his mane.

Photo:  Usha Singh, ODP/OD

A group of NIH staff in costumes pose with Zilly at the Children's Inn.
Zilly the therapy dog dressed as a cat for the holiday. Here, she’s shown in a group photo with the rest of the staff of the Children’s Inn at NIH.
Poodle with black cat costume
Ever a good sport, Zilly dressed up as a cat.
A beagle wears hot dog with bun costume.
Beagle mix Benny doing his best hot dog impression for Halloween.

Photo:  Jennifer Morgan Gray, NIAMS

Doggie in Harry Potter glasses
Samwise (presumably of Hogwarts) says, “Accio dog treats!”

Photo:  Eliza Jacobs-Brichford, NIMH

A black lab sports a tie-die shirt, peace-sign pendant and sunglasses.
“I’m Kathy, a service dog in training with Warrior Canine Connection (CFC #94624, I’m being raised by NIH’er Jennifer Marill and her retired husband. Wishing everyone peace, love and (service) labs.”

Photo:  Jennifer Marill, NLM

A dog wears a Wonder Woman costume.
Coco the Wonder Dog?

Photo:  Leslie Rivera Quiroz, NIAMS

Halloween fiesta! Squeak sports a sombrero.

Photo:  Sabrina Springer, NLM

A black pony with black tubes as spider legs
Black pony Licorice went as a spider.

Photo:  Terry LaMotte, NHLBI

A couple of fish swim by a spooky-looking house surrounded by purple and blue plants in a fish tank.
Do the Talesnik fish dare enter their new haunted house?

Photo:  Ryan Talesnik, NICHD

NIH pets put on a show recently to mark All Hallow’s Eve. Here are several contenders vying for best dressed.

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