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Volunteers Needed for Lung Study

An NHLBI research team seeks people with asthma and healthy adults for a study. Scientists are studying cells taken from the lungs of healthy individuals to compare to cells taken from individuals with asthma and other lung diseases. Compensation provided. For details, call 1-866-444-2214 (TTY users dial 711). Online: NIH study #99-H-0076.

Gum Disease Study Seeks Volunteers

Do you or someone you know have gum disease? Have previous treatments failed? Researchers at the Clinical Center want to look at the oral bacteria and genetic immune problems of different people to learn how these affect gum disease and other conditions of the mouth. Call 1-866-444-2214 (TTY users dial 711) or Refer to study #12-D-0100. Online:

Glioma Drug Study Recruits 

Diffuse midline gliomas are the most aggressive brain tumors of children and young adults. Researchers are looking to evaluate the safety of the anti-cancer drug Abemaciclib in the brain and blood of patients. Findings of the study can help explain how much drug gets in the brain and how drugs work to shrink high-grade gliomas. The study is enrolling adults ages 18-39 with recurrent high-grade glioma or diffuse-midline glioma. There is no cost for participation, tests, treatments or procedures. Contact the Office of Patient Recruitment at 866-444-2214 (TTY users dial 711) or Refer to study #22-C-0003. Online:

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