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November 25, 2022

  • First Responders Garner Well-Earned Appreciation

    Throughout October, NIH honored its first responders in the Office of Research Services Division of Police and Division of Fire and Rescue Services—two groups who provide heroic and continuous 24-7 service 365 days a year in support of the NIH mission.
  • Virologist Delves into Covid Immunity

    Virologist Dr. Shane Crotty shares his research on how well and for how long the body's immune system remembers a previous Covid-19 infection or Covid vaccination to ward off, or minimize symptoms during, a future infection. He recently spoke at a NIAID Covid-19 scientific interest group seminar.
  • NIH Begins Conversion to Zero-Emissions Fleet

    ​NIH has begun the transition to a zero-emissions vehicle fleet, as required by an executive order. The transition must be completed in the next 5 years. In December 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14057, ​“Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Feder​al Sustainability.”
  • Key NIH Positions Officially Filled

    On Nov. 6, Dr. Nina F. Schor officially began her tenure as NIH deputy director for intramural research (DDIR). And, on Nov. 8, Dr. Joni L. Rutter was named director of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). Learn more about these extraordinary NIH'ers and their new roles.
Large splotches of green and red with clusters of blue circles inside, against a black background

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Wild type human prostate cells from an organoid (a man-made construct that resembles an organ). These cells come from a xenograft where they serve as controls for the study of primary prostate cancer tumor cells, which are also injected into mice and then extracted for characterization.


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