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January 6, 2023

  • Seated at a conference table, Schwetz, Gates and Tabak

    ACD Hears of Progress on Several Fronts

    Nearly a year to the day that NIH’s 16th director stepped down, interim leader Dr. Lawrence Tabak presided over the 125th meeting of the advisory committee to the director (ACD) on Dec. 8-9. He presented a packed agenda and a strong message: "...We are moving ahead…because the science can’t wait. Our patients can’t wait.”
  • Mathew sits with his laptop

    Historian Explores India’s Cultural Responses in Pandemic Times

    In India, responses to past pandemics have been shaped by common beliefs, practices and traditions and sometimes even superstition. In a recent seminar, Dr. John Mathew of Krea University in India explores how Indian culture has informed the experience of pandemics from cholera, plague and influenza to Covid-19.
  • Dr. Rodriguez

    New Treatments for OCD Show Promise

    Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez spoke about novel treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that are in development, during a recent CC Grand Rounds lecture. “I’m really excited for what’s on the horizon and have hope for the field,” said Rodriguez, associate dean at Stanford University and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.
  • headshots of four women

    NIH Podcaster Provides Glimpse of Community, Voices Within It

    Podcasts are everywhere. NIH is no stranger to this medium when communicating to the public, with several streaming today and others under development. How did the shows come about? Who are the voices you hear?
A big circle with 7 smaller circles inside each with a squiggle (H1, H2 and more subtypes) and filled with dots

On the Cover

Messenger RNA (mRNA)– nanoparticle vaccine encoding hemagglutinin antigens (H with number) from all 20 known influenza subtypes


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