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Powerlifting Club Boosts Feds Feed Families Effort

Sipes and Lowe listen to a man with a bullhorn

Mike Sipes (c) and Jarod Lowe (r), both of NCI, review competition rules.

Prasad performs a deadlift

Samarjeet Prasad of NHLBI deadlifts 315 lbs.

Tora performs a deadlift repitition

Postbac Rana Tora of NIDDK deadlifts 225 lbs.

Hong performs a squat repetition

Jessica Hong of NCI reaches the bottom of a 140-lb. squat.

Sipes keeps score on a whiteboard

Laurie Sipes, announcer and scorekeeper, shows the final numbers for the competition.

Marshall performs a deadlift rep

Jack Marshall of NINDS holds a 365-lb. deadlift.

Two men spot Lowe as he performs a squat

Lowe hits depth on a 465-lb. squat

The NIH Powerlifting Club, a group sponsored by the Recreation and Welfare Association, hosted a Lift-A-Thon on Aug. 11 outside its Bldg. 53 gym. Proceeds from the fundraiser benefited Feds Feed Families, the annual effort to provide food for communities in need. 

Powerlifting is the traditional back squat, bench press and deadlift. Weightlifting typically includes clean and jerk, power clean and power snatch. 

“It’s less well known in America, but weightlifting is featured as an Olympic sport and typically requires more explosive movement and technique, while powerlifting is more raw power movements,” explained NCI’s Jarod Lowe, Powerlifting Club president. 

The lift-a-thon featured 10 contestants attempting a single lift for each of three traditional weightlifting exercises—squat, bench press and deadlift—with a goal of lifting as much weight as possible. 

Competitors had three attempts for each lift and a judge was on hand to ensure proper form. At least two spotters were nearby to help with contestant recovery or failed lifts. 

The event raised around $700. 

For more information about the club, visit or email

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