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Is there a reason there is no employee handicapped parking in the Bldg. 10 parking garage? General NIH employee parking on the P3 level has zero handicapped parking spaces. To find handicapped spaces, one has to go to MLP-9 outside the blood bank entrance, be exposed to the elements and walk/roll farther than if parking in the Bldg. 10 garage.

Response from the Employee Transportation Services Office (NIH Parking Office), Division of Amenities and Transportation Services

Disability parking spaces for patients, visitors and employees in the Bldg. 10 (ACRF garage) are located on the P-1 level. To avoid parking fees, employees will need a Gold Disability Hanger issued by the NIH Parking Office and patients must have been validated by the Patient Service Desk when exiting from the P-1 level. Parking attendants are available on P-1 and can help address your needs or questions. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the NIH Parking Office at (301) 496-5050 or email

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