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ORWH Launches Strategic Plan for Women’s Health Research

publication cover image of women in various roles pictured, with title overlaid, NIH-Wide Strategic Plan for Research on the Health of Women 2024-2028

NIH’s Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) unveiled the NIH-Wide Strategic Plan for Research on the Health of Women 2024-2028 during National Women’s Health Week, marking a significant stride in NIH’s commitment to prioritize and advance research on women’s health. 

In a video announcing the new plan, NIH Director Dr. Monica Bertagnolli underscores the pivotal roles of NIH and ORWH in elevating women’s health research. She emphasizes the significance of ensuring access to research and its benefits for all individuals. The plan’s release coincides with a pivotal moment for women’s health research, aligning with the recent White House Executive Order on Advancing Women’s Health Research and Innovation. 

The plan outlines five goals to guide and inform NIH-supported research on women’s health over the next five years, leveraging a data-driven, iterative approach with robust community input. ORWH developed the comprehensive plan with contributions from various stakeholders, including representatives from NIH institutes, centers and offices; and federal and community partners. 

Recognizing the critical roles sex and gender play in research, the plan emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing disparities in disease prevalence and severity affecting women uniquely. The plan also underscores NIH’s commitment to advancing the careers of women in biomedical research. By fostering a supportive environment and investing in workforce development initiatives, NIH aims to empower women scientists who can help pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries in women’s health. 

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