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Hazards of Climate Change

Cardiovascular-related deaths due to extreme heat are expected to increase between 2036 and 2065 in the U.S., according to an NIH-supported study.

Research Sheds Light on Link Between Covid-19 and CVD Risk

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, can directly infect the arteries of the heart and cause the fatty plaque inside arteries to become highly inflamed, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, according to an NIH-funded study.

Investigational Drug Restores Parathyroid Function in Rare Disease

An investigational drug, encaleret, restored calcium levels in people with autosomal dominant hypocalcemia type 1 (ADH1), a rare genetic disorder marked by an imbalance of calcium in the blood and urine. People with ADH1 have abnormally low levels of parathyroid hormone, which regulates blood calcium levels.

New Method Developed to Identify Potential Stroke Therapies

Researchers identified uric acid as a potential therapy to enhance recovery from acute ischemic stroke. In the study, researchers from NIH’s Stroke Preclinical Assessment Network (SPAN) rigorously tested the effectiveness of six novel therapies in reducing ischemic brain injury in rodents, including four FDA-approved drugs to treat other conditions.

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