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Human Pangenome Boosts Accuracy, Reflects Diversity

Genetic differences between people can cause or alter the severity of various diseases and influence the effectiveness of treatments. Scientists identify such genetic variants by comparing an individual’s genome sequence to a standard, which is known as a reference genome. An NIH-funded consortium has developed a reference “pangenome” that represents more human genetic diversity. The pangenome resembles a transit map, with different lines representing each component genome.

NIH’s ComboMATCH Will Test New Drug Combinations Guided by Tumor Biology

NCI has launched a large precision medicine cancer initiative to test the effectiveness of treating adults and children with new drug combinations that target specific tumor alterations. Known as the Combination Therapy Platform Trial with Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (ComboMATCH), the initiative is the largest of its kind to test combinations of cancer drugs guided by tumor biology.


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