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Korea’s NIH Visits VRC

The Korean delegates pose with VRC staff against a blue backdrop bearing the NIH logo.
Taking part in the visit are (from l) Dr. Jennifer Bohl, VRC scientific liaison; Dr. Hye-Sook Jeong, director, KNIH Division of Vaccine Clinical Research; Dr. Richard Koup, VRC deputy director; Dr. Hyun-Young Park, deputy minister and KNIH director; Dr. Christina Harris, VRC deputy associate director for management and operations; Dr. Alicen Spaulding, VRC PREMISE senior advisor and team lead; Dr. Leo Serebryannyy, director of clinical trial endpoint testing, VRC Vaccine Immunology Program.
Park and two of the meeting's NIH participants, seated at a long table.
Spaulding (l) outlines the PREMISE program as Koup and Park look on.
Large group photo with the Korean delegation at the forefront.
Shown at the meeting are (from l) Yong-Jun Lee, secretary, and Dr. Jung Ji-Won, director, KNIH Division of Research Planning; Dr. Myung-Geun Jung, deputy scientific director, KNIH Division of Biobank; Dr. Jae-Pil Jeon, director general, KNIH Department of Precision Medicine; Dr. Sang Hee Kim, staff scientist, KNIH Division of Zoonotic and Vector Borne Disease Research; Bohl; Jeong; Koup; Park; Serebryannyy; Harris; Spaulding; Daniel Charlton, regional officer for Asia, NIAID Office of Global Research; Dr. Young-Jin Kim, deputy scientific director, KNIH Division of Genome Science; and Dr. Soon-Ho Kwon, KNIH staff scientist.

NIH’s Vaccine Research Center (VRC) staff met with a delegation from the Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH) on May 22. Led by KNIH Director General Dr. Hyun-Young Park, the delegation members received an overview of the VRC.

The group also discussed the VRC’s Pandemic REsponse REpository through Microbial & Immune Surveillance & Epidemiology (PREMISE) program, opportunities for collaboration and strategies for implementing a PREMISE-like program at the KNIH.

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